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Academic and Performing Arts  Curriculum 

Academic Curriculum

Performing Arts Curriculum

  • In Year 7 all students follow courses in: English, Mathematics, Science, a Modern Foreign Language, Geography, History, Music, IT and PSHE RSE.


  • Year 8 students follow a similar pattern. This structure is continued into Year 9.



  • During Year 9, the students choose the subjects they wish to continue with, or start for the first time, at GCSE. Including the study Dance and Drama.

Students will follow a programme of Classical Ballet syllabus outlined from the Royal Academy of Dance alongside Jazz, Tap and Musical Theatre techniques with the ability to take ISTD examinations to bench mark their progress and achievement.

Vocational classes take place each day with approximately 14-20 hours of vocational training per week: approximately 3 hours each day, Monday to Saturday, and occasional Sunday rehearsals, Year 7 students do not attend Saturday classes

In Years 7, 8 and 9, all students work towards Trinity Musical Theatre grades, each year group rehearsing and performing as an ensemble. It is anticipated  students work towards a BTEC in Performing Arts, showcasing their dance skills in a range of performances.
All students are able to demonstrate progress and apply performance skills through participation in audition, rehearsal and performance of the Schools Christmas production of Nutcracker, performed in the in-house studio theatre to a public audience.
Students will also participate in local community programmes to bring an accessibility of the arts to a wider audience.

Vocational Extended Studies 

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