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Welcome Message

Welcome to Adagio School of Performing Arts and to our community. I am delighted that you are joining us and that you have entrusted the education of your child to us over the coming years. In addition to being a high achieving and highly ambitious school in which all of our pupils have the opportunity to achieve great things, you will find that Adagio School of Performing Arts is a school that places values and community at the heart of all that we do.


Wellbeing and enjoyment are the keystones of life at this school – this does not, however, come at the expense of high expectation of and outstanding outcomes for all our pupils. We are a vibrant, welcoming and diverse community in which each member is nurtured and encouraged to excel and follow their passions. We believe in the potential and value of every child and in actively promoting and celebrating diversity rather than expecting conformity. I hope that as parents you also feel part of this exciting journey.


We aim to ensure that children can progress and achieve their individual potential. The academic curriculum and vocational curriculum support the development of social, emotional, cultural, physical and intellectual knowledge and experience.  We aim to provide a secure environment in which all children are encouraged to be inquisitive, discuss ideas and listen to each other.  We want to produce confident young people who develop into independent, reflective and resilient learners and performers.  We work in a partnership between home and school.

We are a School which has at its heart people who care about your child, and who want the very best for them. We firmly believe that, in all matters, the best approach is to work in a supportive partnership with parents and pupils. We will be running a series of events and evenings tailored specifically for our parents around key pastoral and academic issues that I would very much encourage you to attend. The Parent Portal is also an excellent source of advice that we curate on your behalf.


Adagio School of Performing Arts is a new and exciting organisation to be part of. Your children will thrive here and leave as confident but grounded young adults, who know how to make the most of a dynamic and rapidly changing world and appreciate the positive contribution they can make to it, who understand the importance and value of good and healthy relationships and networks and who celebrate the talents, differences and potential of those around them. I hope that you enjoy the journey too!


Mrs Patching

Principal Director


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Chair of Governors  Douglas Munro

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